Investigations with a smart approach.


At Texas Rose Investigations, we believe in teaming up with our clients to know what their needs are on each file and work them accordingly. Staying in contact with our clients and confirming all the details of the case along with honesty and communication is what gets the job done properly.

We believe in keeping our clients fully informed throughout the investigation process.


Upon completion of an assignment, our clients receive a comprehensive report complete with pictures and video as well as any backup information we garnered through our investigation. We conduct an in-depth background check including criminal history on every claimant prior to sending an investigator out on surveillance. This helps us ensure the information we start with is as current and accurate as possible. Our investigation also uses available social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Texas Rose Investigations tailors every investigation to the client’s specific needs and the claimant’s background in order to help ensure the best possible results.


We are available for rush assignments as well as an assignment any day of the year. We also tailor our reports to our clients needs by providing extra copies of reports and/or video to any third party necessary at no additional charge. Keeping our clients informed at every turn differentiates us from the competition. Regardless of the time of day or day of the week, we have the ability to update our client in whatever manner they require.


We offer the following services
  Surveillance Check Delivery
  Locates Background Checks
  Statements Process Service
  Widow Benefits Pre-employment Screening




We cover all of Texas and Oklahoma



What has your claimant been up to lately?

If you guessed carrying a mattress over their head with a neck injury, playing baseball with a knee injury, or carrying luggage on the way to vacation with a back injury, you’d be right. We're able to get photos like these that make it easier to determine your case.


Send us an assignment and we will find out for you.



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